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Fat Transfer

Fat Injection Enhancement

What if you could take fat from one part of your body where it is unwanted and move it to another part of your body where it is needed? You can! This is called a fat injection cosmetic procedure and is becoming a growing trend in self-improvement of one's appearance to improve the shapeliness, curves and beauty of the human form.

How does fat injection or fat transferring work?

Fat transfers or fat injections refer to the process of removing fat through liposuction from unwanted areas, such as your stomach, hips, thighs, etc and then injecting it in other areas of your body in which enhancement is needed. From facial rejuvenation, buttock augmentation or breast augmentation to other amazing and revolutionary changes, a fat injection operation can work wonders to rejuvenate your entire body. After the fat is liposuctioned and before it returns to the targeted areas, the plastic surgeon processes it to purify and subsequently inject it into the desired areas. This fat develops new blood supply as living tissue. It is rich in stem cells, which are maintained forever. They grow or shrink in size with weight changes. Many people think that the fat eventually goes away, but this is not true. Once injected, people may lose between 30-50% of the volume, but the rest remains stable over time. Jana Health Care fat injection surgeries can be combined with other surgeries as a way to enhance the natural appearance of breasts, buttocks, cheeks or anywhere you want to add volume without the need for implants.

Fat injection surgery preparation

This process takes longer than other types of cosmetic surgery because fatty tissue must be harvested slowly and carefully. Some people need a little, while others need a lot. There is no way to pinpoint how long the procedure will take without scheduling a visit with Dr. Laila Farhat to ask questions and find solutions that are customized for you. Most often, fat injection is an outpatient surgery with minimal invasiveness and the added benefit of liposuction.

What to know about body fat transfers

It’s quite a great concept to think about moving fat from one part of your body where you least want it; to another part of your body where it is needed. Places you may find beneficial fat grafts include: Your face (glabella, eyes, tear trough, cheeks, nasolabial lines, lips, chin, jowls)

Recovery after fat injections

You may be sore in the areas of fat transplantations and also where the liposuction to remove fat occurs. You should plan on two weeks for recovery, depending on the severity of your surgery and whether general anesthesia or local sedation is applied. Not all of the fat transferred will survive, so you may need further treatments if you want the full effect. The doctor may choose to overcompensate so that your results will be longer lasting. Take it easy for awhile and keep moving to avoid blood clots or complications from the surgery. So, while rest is essential to speed up and ensure a great recovery, it is important not to be completely sedentary and to get up and move around from time to time.

Are there any problems associated with fat injections?

Risks with fat grafting are far less likely than with traditional augmentation procedures, although any cosmetic surgery comes with its share of risk. Potential complications are: • Disappearing fat tissue • Lumpiness • Potential scarring • Infection • Rippled or textured areas • Asymmetry • Fat atrophy • Cysts or nodules

How much do fat injections cost?

Please contact Dr. Laila Farhat, she can give you the best price.

Dr. Laila Farhat runs a very efficient practice and she can help you, we think it's the best time to take an appointment
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